Raymond Hamilton spent a few thousand dollars lobbying for a top job at United Nations. He was an honest bloke wanting to make a difference. The only flaw in his campaign? He began his speech with the words: “More problems have been solved by a quarter of rum than the […]

Rums, Rebels, Roads

Raymond Hamilton likes Yo Momma jokes. He also likes big women and cougars. He once dated a grandmother because the daughter and grand-daughter turned him down. He can be spiteful that way. Would Raymond Hamilton ever become President of a local motorcycle club? Since he is the only member out […]

Yo Momma

From Mark Neal : I made this one for my grandson. 12 different species of wood. For free plans, Go to: www.WoodPlansFree.com/freeplans/ gift for this great work. Raymond Hamilton was babysitting twins. He decided to make nap time a contest. First one snoring gets a cookie. He was up all […]

The child within

“Happiness is a machine, run it with your friends” – Zen Master Raymond Hamilton Exclusive Boys Toys at Metro Allies MC – join now.

Growing up is optional

“Bacons are a life-saver for last-minute breakfast. Only if you are not a pig.” – Raymond Hamilton, keeping it real. Metro Allies MC says the truth is out there. Let’s ride and find it.

Appetite for Mayhem

“A Brotherhood refers to our unity as a family under one creator father which may be labelled nature, god, universe or Stan Lee.” – Raymond Hamilton the resident hippie got emotional during Bike Week 2017. Metro Allies Motorcycle Club Because we create content for our brothers.

On Brotherhood

Trump Vs. Hillary People thought Dubya Bush was bad. They thought Obama was worse. When Trump is done with the White House, people will believe World War Z was a documentary not a SciFi movie. But well i still like him better than Hillary Clinton. It is like choosing between […]

Pothead Philosophy : Trump Vs. Hillary