Catastrophe – no more monkey business

Catastrophe – no more monkey business
by Ujjwal Dey

Being an author and editor is a real deal tough job. But I have a good support crew backing me up and a boss who does not crush my nuts everyday. Unfortunately I did a bad thing to a dear friend and I am writing a confessional hoping the Pope forgives my sins as that’s how church is supposed to work.

21 May 2013 was the bright sunny summer hot day when I adopted a stray kitten which fit in the palm of my hand. He is named Bill. In Indian language “billy” phonetically spelled “bill-lee” means cat and so I named him Bill. 21 May 2017 he completed 4 years of bringing me delight, joy, mischief, love, dead cockroaches, scraped hands and insomnia through 3 am howling.

What did I do for his birthday? For his fourth birthday, me, his daddy, gifted him castration. I neutered him today Sunday 21 May 2017. Worst birthday gift ever.

He was spraying piss all over my home for over two months. I finally took a hasty veterinary appointment and forgot the date 21 May was special for me and my pet cat. Friends are calling me asking me to lose their phone numbers and unfriending me on Facebook because Facebook gives automated birthday reminders. I am a monster to them. Some have said that I am never invited to any birthday party ever now henceforth. Girls who never knew me, never heard of me, now hate me. Family, relatives, childhood friends, office chums, they believe I am having a Freudian moment and punishing my cat as a substitute for punishing myself for my inadequacies.

Anyways, this here is also a story of a very brave cat. I realized today that my pet cat has a heart, will and strength of lion. Despite having lost his loins today, he put up a brave fight against the anesthesia. He was unconscious when I got him home from the clinic. Surgery had taken place 2 PM. At about 6 PM he struggled and crawled and tried to get up and walk. He could not stand and he could not walk. He crawled and stumbled and stood and fell a million times. Literally a million times he tried to walk and collapsed. From 6 PM to night 1 AM he fought 7 hours against very strong medication to just get up and walk. He does not have kitty litter. He takes a dump in my toilet and I pick it up to flush it. Through the pain, the misery, the anxiety, the stress, the trauma, the panic, Bill the cat persisted and crawled to the toilet to take a shit. Incredible he could do that. I would have totally forgiven him if he hadn’t. I hugged him and he fell asleep for one hour totally exhausted with his Seven Hour battle of will power against drugs. This cat has iron will power. So determined. So courageous. Faith, Spirit, Heart – he has it all.

All the blood I lost in 4 years playing with Bill the cat and his sharp claws and teeth was nothing compared to the blood Bill lost in the 15 minutes castration surgery. He woke up again past 2:40 AM and again dared himself to walk. Again he stumbled and fell multiple times. Finally, I managed to hug him to sleep at 3:30 AM.

See, some may see it as stupid animal stubbornness. Or being too stupid to know when to quit. But this animal taught me today that will power is the only power of the Soul, the Chi, the Prana. Life energy is will power. With it you are alive. Without will power, you are tumbleweed – lifeless and at the mercy of others.

The cat does not even blame me for anything and keeps finding safety and comfort in me. He is Bodhisattva – worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others. Because what is Enlightenment and seeking Heaven if not a selfish egoistic joy. True love is sacrifice. To attain Godhood and then to tell the Gods, wait, I have yet not finished my service to Mother Earth. Denying Samadhi to be of Service. Service is grace. Be of service today to someone, anyone. Let us help one if we cannot help the many. And the world would be a better place by virtue of individual service.

Pray for my cat. He is my guardian angel.

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