Ask the bartender: episode #1

Illustration by Poet and Philosopher “Paul Nachbar”.

Paul Nachbar says: im not sure if i want to talk to anybody anymore . everybody thinks first and foremost of themselves their wants needs experience pian pleasure or self interest ‘what can i or we get out of it? that goes for the East and West and North and South and every gender race and sexuality and religion and nationalit6y and class .

you can make some smart comebacks or not or say youre busy or needy or diagnose me with whatever. bad spelling?? hating arabs?? hoarding billions of dollars in a penthouse? having no sense of humor? goodmight motherfucker

Hi paul,
don’t take the burden of the world or the society or the city all on yourself. Just manage yourself. Stay moral and legal. Don’t worry about what others did or are doing. Life is way out of control. All life everywhere is an accident. Planet Earth is by an accident. Milky Way Galaxy is just a lucky accident. You and I were lucky sperms in a million plus and we exist as an accident. So stop worrying and fretting and getting anxious and getting frustrated. NOTHING IS UNDER ANYONE’s CONTROL. Everything is possible and impossible at the same time. Just enjoy being yourself and the little things you find joy in. OKAY? ? ? ? I wish I could come over your house every weekend and give you some wisdom from the ancient mountains which I have realised by blaming others and making mistakes for 37 years and ongoing. Take care and love yourself because it is not your fault damn it. Everything is an accident. Everything is out of control.

True Story Copyright Raymond Hamilton 2017

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