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“The dirt never hurt me. The wind never scared me. The world never stopped me. I rode because I was a rider.” ~ Raymond Hamilton Metro Allies MC where the Adventure begins and the Fun never ends.


Wishing you the best this year on Women’s Day. “We believe in Girl Power. Especially since we admire the ju-jitsu technique called bitchslap.” – Raymond Hamilton at Metro Allies MC.

Dare to be Free

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“The Ghost Rider bitched about the long winding road in life. So an angel from Hell gave him a motorcycle. Ghost Rider is now the happiest damned person on earth.” – bed-time tales of Raymond Hamilton. We feel your need for freedom. Ride On! Metro Allies MC.


“Every time I get drunk, a guy across the table always shows up and says something stupid like ‘rough day eh?’ No, everything is peachy. I am only drinking to fill the void in my soul you judgmental bastard.” – Raymond Hamilton and the bartender. www.MetroAllies.com Metro Allies MC takes […]

With Friends like these

“42 is an answer and a question. Life, Universe and Everything is what you make of it.” – Zen Master Raymond Hamilton The crazy resident hippie at Metro Allies MC.


“Life sucks. Life blows. Inhale. Exhale. Live.” – fortune cookie LOL. Only at Metro Allies MC

Life and the Universe

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE WORD. And the word was with God. And God said, “OOPS”. Help us change the world, one a$$hole at a time. www.HappyMen.org Always making News.

God Above

“Love is like pizza. You enjoy it while it lasts. Then throw away the box, it is emotional baggage.” – Raymond Hamilton Hot Entertainment Trends and News served daily at www.HappyMen.org , Join now !!!

Love is….

“Shit floats in space. There is no gravity. But you know what? It is still shit! That doesn’t change.” – Raymond Hamilton Resident hippie and war hero. He has won numerous battles and war of words against terrorizers of his demented pet cat.

Gravity and me

Our HappyMen.org University studies lot of psychological cases on the road. Here is one. Raymond Hamilton once had road rage. He was so angry that he got a middle finger while splitting lanes. As a result he decided to un-install his rear view mirrors. Now his road rage is even […]

Flora and Fauna

“I call her my better half. Because she is the one who bends over.” – Raymond Hamilton We help you find work-life balance, joy and world peace. Only at www.HappyMen.org

The Better Half

Once Raymond Hamilton’s grandpa wanted to borrow his motorcycle. Raymond was sober so was stupid enough to question the old man’s ability to be upright on two wheels. Now Raymond Hamilton borrows his grandpa’s dentures whenever he wants to eat. Grumpy Old Men have a home too at Metr Allies […]

Too old to ride?

Raymond Hamilton spent a few thousand dollars lobbying for a top job at United Nations. He was an honest bloke wanting to make a difference. The only flaw in his campaign? He began his speech with the words: “More problems have been solved by a quarter of rum than the […]

Rums, Rebels, Roads

Raymond Hamilton likes Yo Momma jokes. He also likes big women and cougars. He once dated a grandmother because the daughter and grand-daughter turned him down. He can be spiteful that way. Would Raymond Hamilton ever become President of a local motorcycle club? Since he is the only member out […]

Yo Momma

From Mark Neal : I made this one for my grandson. 12 different species of wood. For free plans, Go to: www.WoodPlansFree.com/freeplans/ gift for this great work. Raymond Hamilton was babysitting twins. He decided to make nap time a contest. First one snoring gets a cookie. He was up all […]

The child within

“Happiness is a machine, run it with your friends” – Zen Master Raymond Hamilton Exclusive Boys Toys at Metro Allies MC – join now.

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